What a tangled web we weave…


Another body from Colombia’s attack on Ecuador turns out not to be who Colombia said it was. It’s those lookalike South Americans again! Who can tell the difference, honestly?!

New Data Undermines Colombia’s Version of the Attack on the FARC

The Colombian Defense Minister has now admitted that a body it claimed was that of a FARC leader after the March 1st attack actually is that of an Ecuadoran citizen. Furthermore, he admitted that they had the help of U.S. intelligence [for the attack].

The Colombian government has been obliged once again to correct the official version it gave about the March 1st attack on the FARC camp in Ecuador in which 23 people died including the international spokesman for the guerrillas, Raúl Reyes and four Mexican university students.

Following the bombing, the Defense Minister claimed that another important FARC leader had died along with Reyes, known by the alias of Julián Conrado. But on Sunday he had to give way and admit that the body – brought from the Ecuadoran jungle to Bogotá – was not that of Conrado, but of an Ecuadoran citizen.

In a statement, he acknowledged that since March 4th, forensic medical experts in Bogotá certified that “the cadaver brought along with that of Raúl Reyes was not Guillermo Torres, a.k.a. Julián Conrado, as had been thought, due to a great physical resemblance.”

According to the latest version, the body is that of Franklin Guillermo Aisalia. The Defense Ministry maintained that he was Nubia Calderón’s partner, and provided false documentation to the guerrillas in addition to helping with their travel arrangements.

Hours earlier, the Defense Minister, Juan Manuel Santos, said, without giving further details, that the dead man was an “Ecuadoran.”

Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, warned on Saturday that confirmation that this was an Ecuadoran citizen will launch “another very strong diplomatic fight” because “this killing will not go unpunished.”

Santos responded that the attack was an act of “self-defense:” “Let’s not start now with calling legitimate acts of war or legitimate acts to defend democracy; killings or massacres.”

“I say to President Correa and the Ecuadoran authorities that they look at this carefully and not let their good faith be taken advantage of by some criminals. Beware and corroborate the identity of these people,” he added.

In the most recent news, Uribe’s office has recognized that U.S. intelligence services, who provided detailed information about the FARC camp, were involved.

A report by the Ecuadoran Air Force leaked over the weekend revealed that GBU 12 Paveway II bombs were used in the atttack. Only the United States possesses this type of bomb, often used in the 1991 war against Iraq.

Also, the mission of a Hercules C-131 took off from Manta just hours before the bombing remains under question.

One response to “What a tangled web we weave…

  1. It’s most gratifying for me to learn that Comrade Julian Conrado did not die in the March 1, 2008 Uribean invasion of Ecuador! The loss of Comrade Reyes was devastating enough, as Reyes was among other things working on the negotiations to release key POW’s, and would have, in collaboration with other governments, including France, suceeded in [a] moere peaceful outcome(s) in the Colombian civil war. His incalculable loss is greatly lamented.

    Fortunately, such turned out not to have been the case with Conrado, not only a superb musician, whose music aptly expresses the soul of Revolutionary Colombia, but also is one of FARC’s leading ideoogists. As largely a peasant-based formation the FARC cannot afford to lose its leading intellectuals. In this vein, it is reassuring that the formation is now led by the university-educated Alfonso Cano (Guillermo Saenz Leon). It’s reassuring to know that Comrade Conrado is still alive and in the fight!

    Viva la revolucion colombiana!

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