Well, well, well…


Remember when “a spokesman for the U.S. Southern Command, Jose Ruiz, would neither confirm nor deny that the U.S. military took part in the attack that killed Reyes and 23 other guerrillas?”

They must think Ecuadorans are stupid. But the net is closing.

This just off the wire…

* * *
AFP, DPA & Notimex

The Ecuadoran Army Reveals that the FARC Camp was Attacked with Bombs Similar to Those Used by the U.S. in Iraq

The FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) camp in Ecuador attacked by the Colombian Army on March 1st was destroyed by the same kind of bombs as thouse used by the United States in its first war against Iraq in 1991, local press learned today.

The camp was scorched by ten 500 pound GBU 12 Paveway II bombs that left craters 2.4 meters wide and 1.8 meters deep and left some 20 people dead, rebel commander Raúl Reyes among them.

Traced to Southern Command

Quito’s daily newspaper El Comercio, which cites Ecuadoran Air Force (FAE) sources, indicated that this type of bomb was frequently used during the U.S. operation Desert Storm in Iraq, and was used again in this Colombian attack over Angostura, a jungle zone at Ecuador’s northern border.

According to the FAE, this type of weapon is generally not carried in Super Tucano aircraft, a Brazilian plane used by Colombia. It was also mentioned that Kfir planes, which also make up part of Colombia’s squadrons, were used in the attack.

The FAE report also established that .50 caliber shell casings were found at the attacked rebel camp, which “were shot by machine guns mounted in helicopters, which brought the security forces which carried out the infiltration” on Ecuadoran soil.

On the eve [of the latest revelations] the FARC claimed that the counter-insurgent operation had been directed by the United States Army’s Southern Command.

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