11 people taken hostage from the FARC camp in Ecuador


It is sad but understandable, for reasons that are best illustrated by what happened to Raul Reyes when he made the mistake of using a satellite phone (or maybe even just a cellphone), that the FARC cannot have a website, and a translator.

Therefore Machetera brings you the FARC’s latest communique, which mentions near the end that Alvaro Uribe told Rafael Correa his army took 11 people back to Colombia with them from the FARC camp they destroyed in Ecuador.

Fighters + Lovers, the Danish group mentioned in the communique, incidentally was absolved by a Danish court of the charges that it had violated Denmark’s anti-terrorism law by donating funds from the sale of t-shirts to the FARC and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which proves that Denmark has not become totally rotten after all. Just 90%. But it would be hard or maybe even impossible to find any mention of that absolution anywhere in the English language press.

The FARC Accuse Uribe of Holding Eleven People From the Guerrilla Camp in Ecuador

To the people of Our America:

Communique of the FARC-EP Secretariat

After the painful events in Ecuador which resulted in the death of Commandante Raúl Reyes, and in which his bodyguards and a dozen civilians were also killed, the FARC wishes to make the following clarifications:

1. The military operation conducted by the U.S. Army’s Southern Command and its junior Colombian subordinates was a flagrant violation of international law, sovereignty and the territory of a sister Republic; an unacceptable affront to the dignity of an entire country and the Latin American conscience. None of the most stretched arguments, such as those of preventive defense, hot pursuit or a war against terrorism; flaunted by the Colombian government, can justify such an execrable action. There will not be carte blanche for the Colombian government to behave as Latin America’s “Israel,” under the new gringo imperial concept of limited sovereignty. This is basically the conclusion reached by the Rio Group which met in Santo Domingo.

2. In no way do we accept the blackmail which was attempted against the governments of Ecuador and Venezuela by way of a computer that, without special armor, could not have resisted the bombing that pulverized everything around it. What Uribe was seeking with “smart bombs” from the United States was to divert the attention of the country which is demanding his resignation as President of the Republic for being a genocidal drug mafioso and paramilitary.

3. With the honorable exception of the Danish organization “Fighters and Lovers” which made a symbolic donation to the FARC, we have neither received dollars nor arms from anyone. Here the only one who has contributed millions and millions of dollars and all kinds of weapons of destruction is the government of the United States, so that Colombia might shoot against its own people as part of a policy of global domination and neoliberal re-colonization. Who legitimized this? What can invoke the right to oppress and massacre a people, such as is being done in Colombia? The ethical would help the weak, not the powerful. Aid should be for the oppressed, not for the oppressors. No-one with a conscience can remain impassive against this continuing crime of military and economic support from Washington for its Colombian puppets. The war of the weak against oppression and against the terrorist war of powerful states against the people should stop being called terrorism.

4. All media machinery was activated to lie and vomit fire against Ecuador and Venezuela; and against the FARC as well. Are they troubled perhaps by the resurgence from the ashes of Bolivar’s Colombia? They direct the public opinion of our countries and the world as if they were dealing with masses unable to reason. Only developed countries such as the United States and others, have the conditions and requisite technology for processing uranium; not the guerrilla who is still fighting for the people’s dignity with shotguns and even sticks. Like the Liberator Simón Bolívar, we could say that “we have no more weapons to confront the enemy than our arms, our chests, our horses and our spears.” What’s clear is that the United States is looking for any pretext to attack Venezuela and steal the oil they’ve been unable to extract from Iraq.

5. It’s not a secret to anyone that the FARC is a Bolivarian guerrilla [organization]. And that it’s not only with Chávez but with the great mass of the people and with the thinking people of Our America, in agreement with Bolivarian ideology. We find everything in Bolívar and in our leaders; not in the Monroe Doctrine, nor in that of National Security, or Democratic Security, which are foreign gringo doctrines, based on geo-political strategies of plunder and domination. The people look to Bolívar and their independence heroes because they are their only hope for dignity and sovereignty, of social justice, unity and peace, sacred rights that have been grabbed for centuries. Therefore we will not tire of thanking President Chávez for championing peace, for his humanitarian persistence in the exchange of prisoners, his conviction that the path to peace begins with the recognition of the FARC and ELN as belligerent forces, and his offer of Venezuelan territory as a meeting place for peace between the Colombian government and the FARC and ELN insurgencies. Chávez understands that Colombia’s peace is Venezuela’s peace as well as that of the continent.

6. Colombia’s deep structural crisis cannot be overcome as long as a narco-paramilitary pro-Yankee government that fears exchanges and peac, or that lives trapped in the illusion of a military defeat of the guerrillas, which is never going to happen. We call again on Colombians for a Great National Accord, which would allow us to build a political alternative in government, with programmed standards that emphasize the common good, sovereignty, democracy, the homeland… A new government that, using the dividends of peace, could return its troops to their barracks, send the gringos home, and convene a dialogue for peace with the insurgency, with a guarantee of participation for the country’s political and social organizations. The peace accord that would emerge from this table should be endorsed by a National Constituent Assembly that would give constitutional force to a future of peace and dignity for Colombia. Meanwhile, the people must deepen the resistance, marching against state terrorism, narco-paramilitary politics, social injustice, and the surrender of our sovereignty, lifting their voices for peace and the unity of Great Colombia.

7. We demand that Señor Uribe turn over the 11 detainees he admitted to President Rafael Correa he was holding from that day’s action, and ask the international community for their most resolute solidarity in order to avoid the disintegration of this episode into a new case of forced disappearance.

For the New Colombia, the Great Homeland, and Socialism

Secretariat of the Central General Staff of the FARC-EP

Mountains of Colombia, March 14, 2008

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