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Santander’s Return by Way of Venezuela – Basem Tajeldine

The cards have been dealt. They say that “war rumblings don’t kill soldiers.”

The present situation we face with Colombia obliges us to reflect deeply. The questions we ought to formulate in order to understand the intentions hidden at the bottom of the recent situation generated by the Colombian government are as follows:

Did the Colombian Armed Forces (state) attack against the Colombian Armed Revolutionaries – People’s Army (FARC-EP) advance the liberation of the last four prisoners, including the first two women detained by that political-military organization, or did it frustrate such liberations?

Why did the Colombian government kill the very most senior spokesman for peace and humanitarian exchange from this organization?

The answer is quite clear: those who were liberated were lucky the informants arrived late. The Colombian government does not care for peace.

Uribe has once again demonstrated his illegitimate, bootlicking and genocidal position on the Colombian conflict.

This treacherous and cowardly military massacre of 20 combatants and the loss of one of the FARC-EP’s political spokesman with the strongest and most outstanding position in favor of humanitarian exchanges shows the world the true intentions, astutely hidden by the lackey Uribe, the biggest and most dangerous mafioso in Colombian history: no interest whatsoever in Colombian peace, and the need to avoid by whatever means possible, the continuation of humanitarian exchanges.

Now these events support all contentions that the internationalization of the Colombian conflict and the practical implementation of Plan Balboa (Venezuela’s invasion) is in progress, and its objectives are even more perverse.

But these facts also back up our other hypothesis: that the disgusting, criminal and servile behavior of the narco-paramilitary President of Colombia, and his privatizing oligarchy is directed by North American imperialism in order to bring about the region’s designated role: that of America’s Israel.

The role designated by imperialism and Uribe’s puppet government is the destabilization of the region and the containment of the Bolivarian Revolution’s “bad example” of dignity, sovereignty and justice for the people of the South, and even, the U.S. itself and the rest of the world. Just the same way Israel represents the containment of Arab nationalism (pan-Arabism) destabilization of the region and expansionism (confiscation of land and resources) in the Middle East.

Colombia, undoubtedly, serves in this embarrassing role as a conduit for aggression meant to tame the runaway horse known as Venezuela (to be privatized and delivered to those designated by imperialism) which slipped out of its hands and took a left turn thanks to the advent of the revolution.

We should also remember that Venezuela is a country that has the world’s most important energy and mineral reserves sitting underground: number one in terms of oil, with more than 316 billion barrels, and fourth in terms of natural gas with 251 TCF (trillion cubic feet) – both uncertified – and that because of its geostrategical location near the United States, doubtless represents North American imperialism’s greatest priority after Iraq.

Plenty more supports our hypothesis: for instance, the recent news circulating around the world about the acquisition of 24 Kfir warplanes, brought to Colombia by their fellow men, the illegal and genocidal Israeli Zionist state. Kfirs, as we know, are useless planes for an irregular war, but perfect for conventional war objectives. Also there’s the discovery of training in irregular as well as conventional war tactics – including torture – that the officers of the Colombian Armed Forces received along with the paramilitary groups, by the illegal, genocidal and criminal sub-empire of Israel, as revealed by the late paramilitary leader Carlos Castaño, in his autobiography, “My Confession.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that an imperialist aggression against Venezuela, by way of Colombia, has already been set up on the empire’s macabre chessboard. Even more so today, due to the approaching end of the Republican mandate in the U.S., with the unparalleled unpopularity of Bush and his associates, the mounting economic crisis facing the empire, and the sure victory of the Democrats. Now Bush has nothing left to lose, and like a wounded and trapped tiger, will try one last swipe.

To be more specific, a possible military provocation in a neighboring country, under similar pretexts as those used against Ecuador: arguing “legitimate defense,” for a supposed displacement of guerrillas in open combat toward certain zones, this time, in Venezuelan territory, recalls the perverse justifications wielded by Israel in order to murder Palestinian and Lebanese leaders – or a possible assassination attempt against Commandante Chávez by mercenary groups (Colombian paramilitaries). That’s the game. The mafioso Uribe will play his role, and if not, he can expect a future somewhat like that of Antonio Noriega (Panamá) or Yitzhak Rabin (Israel): prison or death.

The traitor Santander, the mortal enemy of Simón Bolívar and his ideas of liberty and unity, has come back from the past, this time, as a narcotrafficker and paramilitary on the Northern empire’s leash, with the clear mission to kill, once and for all, Bolivar and his people. History repeats itself. The Bolivarian people should be alert and mobilized against a possible, or actually, a completely obvious military provocation on the sacred borders of our countries.

Should this happen, the lackeys and their mercenaries will receive an overwhelming response from the Army and revolutionary Bolivarian people that they will never forget. The Bolivarian Army will grind them into dust.

The rotten Colombian government and its private army of Santanderistas, managed by officials of the North American and Israeli armies, knows that it won’t be easy to achieve its objectives; that it will find itself facing the fury of two fronts (internally through the FARC-EP and ELN, and externally through the Venezuelan Bolivarian Army) who will prevent them from carrying out their task.

Let them whine! Today more than ever, “Kneel with Chávez and for the Homeland!” Glory to Raúl Reyes and his revolutionary combat martyrs! Their spilled blood will fertilize the earth in order to sow the seeds of the Great Homeland!

Colombia and Israel: Capital’s “Promised Land.”

“Colombia has been selected by the God of Capital to assert his reign.”

It’s not even a secret anymore that “praiseworthy” deep political, commercial and military relationships have been established between the government of Colombia and the illegal, genocidal sub-empire which occupies Palestine and is called Israel. Many say, “Relations between brothers, for the same ends.”

What’s certain is that the recent purchases of military equipment (24 Kfir warplanes – copies of the French Mirage) and other types of arms, as well as the training received by officers of the Colombian Army and paramilitary groups from the United Self Defense of Colombia (AUC) in the occupied territories of Palestine, by the Israelis – as mentioned above – exposes the reality that the Colombian people face the same fate as the Palestinians.

In the neighboring country (Colombia) we can see the true enemies plainly enough, whereas in the Middle East they hide themselves behind a religion and a distorted history in order to kill, expropriate, and enrich themselves at the expense of the Palestinian people – this time though, it’s the Colombian people.

To say that Colombia has been “Israelized” is not an exaggeration, even less is it an invention. It’s the sad and painful truth. The reality and history of our [Colombian] brothers backs it up. Let’s take a look.

Religious pretexts are obvious, such as the supposed “promised land” put forth by the Zionists in order to influence the international Christian community and justify (under “divine right”) the usurpation of Palestinian lands. In this case, for their [Colombian] brothers, the pretexts include the displacement and usurpation of lands belonging to Colombian farmers for the benefit of the Colombian oligarchy and the North American transnationals – something that cannot be of religious character, not to mention the absurdity in the paraphrase: “A land without people, for an oligarchy and transnationals without land.” No, this time, the justifications are different but the methods remain the same. For instance…

The infamous “Democratic Security Plan” of the bootlicking godfather Uribe manifests itself concretely in Plan Colombia. There, the displacement of the Colombian farmer, through infinitely expanding “security” boundaries, is the policy invoked by the Colombian government as its supposed reason for avoiding civilian casualties in the clashes between the military and the guerrillas, as well as denying the same insurgent groups the possibility of resupplying themselves (basically, with food). But we know very well how removed the Colombian government is from any pretense of concern for the human rights of its campesinos.

These lands have been taken, in reality, by the huge North American transnationals (banana companies such as “Chiquita” and the oil companies such as ExxonMobil) and the landowners (the Colombian oligarchy) for their usurious ends, at the cost of terror and misery for the large majority. In order to accomplish this inhuman goal, mercenary paramilitary forces are being used (on behalf of the State, the oligarchy and the transnationals), something we know thanks to the numerous denunciations from many brave unionists, people from the country, and Colombian journalists. Using terrorism and death, the campesino has been expelled from his land. Now at last, the lands without people can be taken by the transnationals and the landowners.

These methods originated with their mentor: Zionism. They came from Irgún and Hagana, among other Israeli terrorist organizations, the great inspirers and fathers of the Colombian paramilitary. The methods used in the past by these mercenary forces and which continue being used now by the Zionist army, to throw the Palestinian people out of their land by means of terror and death, are today serving their good students, the Colombian mercenaries. This we know by way of one of the best of their disciples, Carlos Castaño.

The numbers of displaced Colombians are another thing that reveals the great similarities between the catastrophe experienced by this people as well as the Palestinians. Today the number of displaced Palestinians surpasses 5 million within and outside of Palestine. An article published by London’s BBC on February 4, 2005, by Hector Latorre, says: “the numbers [from Colombia] differ depending on who is distributing them, but it’s calculated that at least 2 million people have been obliged to abandon their homes and head for other cities because of the armed conflict.”

This, without taking into account the thousands of Colombians who’ve gone to live outside of Colombia, in Venezuela, in Ecuador, and other countries, thanks to the current conflict.

But capital’s ultimate objective goes beyond the acquisition of Palestinian and Colombian territory. The ultimate objective is the expansion and the control of markets and energy reserves in the region, the destabilization for the leverage of the North American military industrial complex (military Keyneseism) and the defense of the dollar as currency standard, as well as the commercial trade and worldwide speculation game. More today than ever before, when from the Middle East to Latin America, new substitutions are being suggested for the greenback which lacks real value and support. There’s plenty of data already cited about this reality.

Israel’s barbaric intrusion in Latin America has surpassed the limits of shamelessness, and goes beyond Colombia. We could fill page after page with data documenting the reality that is now forcefully attacking the people’s tranquility in the region. In Nicaragua there’s the training of the mercenaries, grouped as the infamous Contras; in El Salvador, the training in “methods of torture” for that country’s officers; in Pinochet’s Chile; in Guatemala, Argentina and El Salvador, supporting, arming and advising the respective genocidal governments of the recent past; and in 2002, international Zionism (Israel) was a co-participant in the coup perpetrated in Venezuela against Commandante Chávez, through mercenaries armed by the Israeli trafficker Isaac Peres Recao, the de facto president, Pedro Carmona Estanga (Sephardic Jew) and their accomplices: the rabbi Pinchas Brener and the mayor Capriles Radonsky (the latter two, Ashkenazy Jews).

In an article published at the website by José Steinsleger and published February 2, 2008, titled “Israel en America Latina” the author began his piece with the following polished words:

“No-one imagined that for 60 years, the State of Israel, whose people dreamed for centuries of the “right to exist” would end up denying that right to their Palestinian cousins. No-one imagined that the political leaders of the chosen people would end up promoting international terrorism along with the United States…A quarter of the economically active population works in the Israeli war industry. Who are its clients? Not those who also dream of the “right to exist,” but those regimes who conduct mouthwatering business aligning themselves with the rules of the “free market.” Money, money, money.

This article is a concise detailing of the history of complicity and direct intervention by the illegal and genocidal state of Israel in the entire [Latin American] region.

Israel: a cancer that threatens to extend itself around the entire globe, reproducing itself in lackey governments like that of Colombia.

original article in Spanish

5 responses to “Colombia/Israel…Israel/Colombia

  1. This piece represents the dumbest collection of remarks I believe I’ve ever read on the web.


  2. “This piece represents the dumbest collection of remarks I believe I’ve ever read on the web.


    As a Colombian citizen, I can only say…


  3. I love the author of this article. Thank you. Castano was trained in Israel. Colombians are so selfish and dont care about the displaced people -like palestinians- and the millions of colombian refugees created by Irael.

  4. So a country that defends itself… is considered selfish…hmmm. The people who are displaced are because they can’t live around an area dominated by violence (which is what created them in the first place not Israel), and is not like Colombians dont care… they just can’t accomodate so many people… it is hard. If you are so concerned why dont’ you help do something instead of judging

  5. kudos for writting this. whoever is blind enuff not to see the truth should look deeper into things, ppl are soo damn brainwashed and believe everything they are fed that they cannot possibly think for themselves. unfortunalely that’s whats happening to my colombian people. such a shame, slowly uribe is selling out the country to the US. Colombian and Venezuelans, the two brothers, the ones that are most alike in latin america are being used like puppets, it truly breaks my heart. once the US gets what it wants, which is oil we all know that, the colombian people will not see a cent of that profit. if we thought the situation was bad now, its about to get worse if we let the US come and use us. COLOMBIANS STAND UP!

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