Lies, lies, lies


Pascual Serrano has summarized the lies (so far) about the Colombian massacre in Ecuador. Machetera offers this translation:

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All the Lies about the Colombian Massacre in Ecuador

First they said that Raúl Reyes died in a military operation in Colombia and that “on Friday the FARC commandante would head for a camp located on the other side of the international Putumayo river, in Ecuadoran territory.” (Efe). On March 2, El Tiempo cited “the death of Raúl Reyes yesterday in the border with Ecuador (El Tiempo de Colombia), insinuating that he was on the Colombian side. Afterwards it was apparent that the bombing happened 2 kilometers inside Ecuadoran territory. That was the first lie.

Then they said that the FARC commandante had died in combat: “Raúl Reyes, the international spokesman and number 2 leader of the FARC, died in combat” (El País). When the Ecuadoran army arrived on the scene, it proved that the attack happened while everyone was sleeping. The victims were in their underwear or pajamas. That was the second lie.

They also said that three FARC guerrillas were wounded: “Three FARC guerrillas wounded in the attack in Ecuador arrived in Quito” (Efe, March 3). It has since been proven that at least one of them was a Philosophy student at Mexico’s National University. That revealed the third lie.

The latest news is that there were not only 17 killed but 23, and among them was a civilian delegation of students and Mexican professors, of which the number of dead shuffles between five (La Jornada de México) and ten (Telesur). All confirm that the group had no armed capacity whatsoever, considering that Colombian guerrillas do not make a habit of organizing offensives with students and Mexican professors in their ranks. There the fourth lie was exposed. Moreover, not only was the Colombian army aware of the Mexicans presence, it was also thanks to Colombian spying on the philosophy students at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) that they were able to locate the FARC (El Universal de México).

Lately, the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, asserted yesterday in Managua that his Colombian counterpart, Álvaro Uribe, was informed that the Colombian Armed Revolutionary Forces (FARC) were going to liberate a group of 12 hostages, Ingrid Betancourt among them. Something that has also been confirmed by French authorities. The Colombian Army’s attack was not against the guerrillas’ military structure, but against the operation to liberate detainees.

To conclude: the combat attack against Colombian guerrillas turned out to be a bombing in their sleep of certain guerrilla spokesmen meeting in Ecuador with a delegation from the University of Mexico who were preparing to liberate various detainees.

2 responses to “Lies, lies, lies

  1. What the hell are mexican students doing in a FARC camp in Ecuador (which according to Correa’s Gov’t do not even exist, right)?

    Considering what Reyes and his cohorts have done in Colombia, they were valid military targets. If you are going to support the left, do so with legitimate organizations, not criminals. It is unfortunate what happened to the students but they should not have been there and they should not be supporting a criminal organization.

  2. This is what I love about right-wingers. They are so timely with their criticism. So brave too, and clever with their fake spur of the moment usernames and email addresses.

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